Vaccination pass
Buy real Corona vaccination card / fake Covid vaccination

Vaccination pass

Buy international vaccination certificate with Covid 19 vaccination certificate online

You do not want to be vaccinated for personal reasons? Are you afraid of long-term damage, severe side effects or you simply do not want to be blackmailed by the government? No problem!! We're here to help. You can buy various vaccination certificates online in our shop. You can order an original vaccination certificate with a fake sticker of a corona vaccination on this website. With this fake vaccination certificate you can go to any event, to restaurants or to parties without any problems. If you plan to travel and the fake sticker is too unsafe for you, we have another option. You can also buy original vaccination cards with a real sticker and real number from us. We receive these stickers from a doctor we trust. So nothing can go wrong with a possible check of your Corona Impung! Many of our customers who buy their Corona vaccination card online from us are very satisfied.

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